Friday, February 5, 2010

Transformers Phone Strap (LIMITED STOCK)

I brought in this accessory a couple of months ago on my previous webpage and all was completely sold out in a few hours! And I couldn't restock it!! So sorry
But I recently found them again! What a joy! So now it's REALLY REALLY NO LONGER RESTOCKABLE!
I only have approximately 7 pieces left for each color!

This accessory lights up whenever you receive a call/sms/mail. It has 2 detachable hooks. Very versatile. You can choose to hook the Transformer Head elsewhere and the Phone Strap elsewhere. The TRANSFORMERS LOGO AND NAME is embossed on the phone strap.

So get it NOW or regret later.
Get all 3 colors at once as I cannot guarantee I will have the other colors when you order again.

Available in Red,Gold,Silver