Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Saturday, February 6, 2010


These are just only half of the current batch that arrived today!!! Pictures certainly doesn't do them justice as they're much more vibrant real life!
The items are as nice as shown in the pictures on my site!!! You can see them for yourself here!
Even the Paul Frank silicone casings are soft and wraps your iPhone PERFECTLY! Same goes for the Ed Hardy ones!
As shown in the few pictures above, the ones that I posted are embossed/de-boss are REALLY embossed!! Therefore the price for them were higher than the normal ones.
But fret not, I have put all prices as low as possible. ;)

After all, I'm a collector of casings too and it pleases me to see the joy on my customers/friends' faces! :)

I will be bringing in more of the "bling hard casings" in various designs (Rock star, guitars, zebra striped, LV, etc)! so come back and check them out / just SUBSCRIBE TO ME already!

Most of the stocks are updated to ready stock so don't wait! I hate to disappoint you guys so send me the order form and I hope I don't have to disappoint anyone.

Friday, February 5, 2010

iPhone Silicone Casing- Stripes

The patterns are embossed and de-bossed on this casing! Textured!
Best of all, it's a ready stock! And made from thick rubbery silicone! Totally durable!

RM 31

Mr. Bean's Bear

SO cute!! I have been wanting this lil bear for ages! So now I have a miniature one that I can carry around easily!

The arms and legs are movable. And the tag has a heart shaped keyhole!! So adorable! And the bear head flashes when you receive calls/sms/mails! Hang it on ur mobile/camera/anywhere!!

What's there not to love about it? :)

I only have very limited quantities. Someone else reached there before me and bought almost all of it... :(

RM 17

Transformers Phone Strap (LIMITED STOCK)

I brought in this accessory a couple of months ago on my previous webpage and all was completely sold out in a few hours! And I couldn't restock it!! So sorry
But I recently found them again! What a joy! So now it's REALLY REALLY NO LONGER RESTOCKABLE!
I only have approximately 7 pieces left for each color!

This accessory lights up whenever you receive a call/sms/mail. It has 2 detachable hooks. Very versatile. You can choose to hook the Transformer Head elsewhere and the Phone Strap elsewhere. The TRANSFORMERS LOGO AND NAME is embossed on the phone strap.

So get it NOW or regret later.
Get all 3 colors at once as I cannot guarantee I will have the other colors when you order again.

Available in Red,Gold,Silver


Little Trinkets of Flowers and Bells

Little charms to brighten up your day! Sparkly and oh so pretty! For the girly girl in you.
You can even mix up the colors in one single bunch to give it a more colorful zest!

Please state in your order form for the color/colors that you would like to have.

Purple/Blue/Pink/Red (Yellow upon request)

RM 11

Fluffy Glass Shoe Accessories

So pretty!!! And there's a fluff ball attached!!! The glass shoe with heart shaped pendant and polka dot ribbon gives a princessy feel to this accessory.
You can even spritz your favourite perfume on the fluffy ball!

How can you resist this???

And best of all, you can use this as a keychain for bags or purses as the hook is removable! There are 2 types of hook for this accessory! And you can use this as a handphone accessory too!

An instant bling for your phone!!

I couldn't resist this and got all 4 colors for myself!!!

LIMITED STOCK! Get it now! ;)

RM 13